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Smuffs is a new and innovative line of hearing protection, noise dampening headwear for newborns and infants. Gone are the days of making your baby wear silly looking, oversized adult earphones or trying to stuff small, potentially dangerous, pieces of wax, foam, or tissue into their tiny ears. Every Smuffs product incorporates a patent pending, hearing protection and noise dampening design utilizing 100% child safe, low profile silicone earpieces with sound dampening foam secured to the inside of the headwear. These earpieces comfortably form an airtight seal around your baby’s precious ears, protecting them from potentially harmful, loud, outside noises.

Experts agree that exposure to loud noises early in life can often lead to hearing loss later on. Newborns and infants have sensitive and developing hearing which is especially vulnerable to damage from loud noises. The key to lifelong hearing health is early damage prevention and Smuffs are an excellent way to ensure that you’re protecting your baby’s ears right from the start!

Think about the amount of potentially damaging noise babies are often exposed to, such as sporting events, fireworks, concerts, stereos, TVs, etc, etc. With Smuffs, your baby can be protected in these situations while still looking as cute as can be!

Smuffs also have the added benefit of giving that extra bit of noise blocking ability to help keep babies asleep in noisy environments. Moms are often worried about the baby being awakened by things such as ringing telephones, barking dogs,yelling kids, loud televisions and stereos, etc. More often than not, the baby has to be put in the back room to sleep while company is over and mom frequently has to go back and check to make sure everything is okay. Now the baby can stay in the kitchen or the front room without the worry that every little noise might potentially wake them up! You can also take your baby along with you in the car without the concern that the radio, a conversation, or a honking horn might stir them from their slumber.

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