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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Smuffs safe for babies? A: Absolutely! Our products implement child safe, non-toxic silicone into each piece of sound dampening technology, and our headwear is made from 100% jersey cotton (headbands & summer hats) and 100% plush polyester fleece (beanies). Every product has a safety tether which clips on to the back of the baby's shirt collar to keep it centered and in place, while also keeping it from falling off or getting lost. Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us! Q: Are you going to make Smuffs for adults? A: LOL, this is always one of the first questions we get asked when people see our headwear. Right now, our focus is on infants aged 0 - 12+ months, but with the obvious demand, don't be surprised if you see Smuffs for older kids and adults in the not too distant future! Q: What size of Smuffs should I get for my baby? A: This is a great question. With every baby's head being unique, our products were designed to meet a wide range of shapes and sizes by incorporating stretchable materials and bunched elastic to allow maximum flexibility in fitting, while remaining completely comfortable. Based on average baby head circumferece, our small sizes are recommended for infants up to 3 months old, and our large sizes for infants 4 - 12+ months. If your baby is in the small range, we recommend getting both sizes as your child will obviously be growing very quickly, and those first few months really seem to fly by! Q: What are your shipping prices? A: To USA residents, we ship via USPS as follows: 1) First Class: $2.95 2) Priority: $5.95