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Baby Smuffs' unique patent pending ear protection for babies is now available in a cute-as-a-button baby fleece beanie. Offering parents the opportunity to do double duty with a warm winter hat that has sound muffling and hearing protecting technology built right in. Protect your baby in two ways with one adorable hat. Made of fleece cotton, Baby Smuffs' beanies are warm, comfortable and offer the best in sound muffling. Our foam core ear protection is comfortable and effective in protecting baby's ears from loud noises and keeping him warm at the same time. Available in blue or pink, sized for babies from newborn up to a year old, Baby Smuffs' fleece beanies are a genius idea for parents who want to take their little one to an outdoor sporting event, protect them from the cold and preserve their hearing at the same time. Order one today for your little bundle and joy and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing your baby warm and protected.


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